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Beautiful lakes
Łebsko Lake and Sarbsko Lake

Łebsko Lake, the third largest lake in Poland, is a key area of the Słowiński National Park. Recognized as a UNESCO nature reserve "Biosphere Man" and included in the Natura 2000 programme as a special bird protection area called Przybrzeże Słowińskie.

Sarbsko Lake is situated on the Słowiński Coast, in its eastern part, surrounded by the Słowiński National Park, 1 km from the Baltic Sea. For active people, the lake can be ridden around by a bike and water sports can be done; windsurfing, kitesurfing and kayaking.

Beautiful lakes
Forest paths
Słowiński National Park

The close vicinity of the Słowiński National Park recognized by UNESCO as a Nature Reserve and the vicinity of the Sarbska Mierzeja Nature Reserve with its unique flora with exceptional natural values are ideal conditions for sports at any time of the year - horse riding, bicycles, cross-country skiing, Nordic walking, walking and jogging.

Forest paths
Polish sea
The Baltic Sea - Harbor

An inland sea in northern Europe connected with the North Sea, characterized by wide and sandy beaches, which is typical of Łeba, whose beaches were included in the ranking of The Guardian daily - 20 most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea.

Łeba is surrounded on three sides by water: the sea and lakes are the base for those traveling by water - the Yacht Harbor, it is a healing microclimate with a high salt and iodine content in the air. A paradise for sailors, anglers, fishermen and amber enthusiasts.

Polish sea
Polish sea
Moving Dunes Łeba

The Moving Dunes located in the heart of the Słowiński National Park, the largest in Europe, are called the Polish Sahara. The highest point - Góra Łącka, reaches even 40 meters above the sea level, which offers an amazing view of the Spit between the Baltic Sea and Łebsko Lake.

The dunes landscape is unique on a global scale and is subject to strict protection due to the richness of plant species, including endangered and protected ones, and birds.

Polish sea

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